Parenting Posts (Continued)

130 Everyday Ways to Say I Love You to Your Kids
Despite the fact that I am a busy (and imperfect!) mom, I know my number one job as a parent is[...]
Simple 5 Step Method for Kids Bible Study (+ Free Bookmark Printable)
Reading the Bible changes my imperfect heart. Time and time again, the pages of scripture bring me peace and purpose, slowly transforming me into[...]
7 Things I’m Teaching My Daughter About Being a Woman
While every girl is different (and the journey is different for each one), we moms are given a unique call to[...]
The Surprising Truth Behind Our Kids’ Discipline Issues
Dealing with discipline issues in your home? Do you kids fuss and complain about doing chores? Have your kids developed a sense[...]

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How to Talk to Kids About Porn: 8 Tips Every Christian Parent Needs
I grew up as a “good kid” from a “good family,” and yet my first exposure to porn came when[...]
100 Fun and Easy Ways to Keep Kids Learning This Summer
We're all looking for simple, creative ways to encourage summer learning for our kids, right? As moms, we want those ideas[...]
“When (and How) Should I Talk to My Kids About Sex?”
Talking to kids about sex? For many of us, that’s about as comfortable as sleeping on top of a giant[...]
30 Books and Movies That Teach Kids Perseverance
We all go through times of struggle. Times that challenge and stretch us. Times that teach perseverance. And we want[...]
Got an Angry Child? 4 Steps to Help Kids Manage Anger
You hear the fighting. The yelling. The temper tantrums. AGAIN. Sighing, you walk into your child's bedroom to find two[...]
How to Have the Restful Family Vacation You Really Want
Ever needed a vacation from your vacation? I sure have. Family vacations can be wonderful times of exploration and discovery.[...]



Discover real solutions for dealing with mommy anger. For good.

That Makes Me MAD! How to Tackle Mommy Anger Triggers
A few years ago I noticed that I was angry. A LOT. Can you relate? I felt trapped, stuck and[...]
5 Steps to Turn Mommy Anger Into a Teachable Moment
  What do you do after you've blown up at your kids? You want to apologize for your anger, but[...]
4 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Tween
While it is a beautiful process to watch our tweens and teens grow into adulthood, there are many bumps and bruises[...]
Why It’s OK to Not Have the Perfect Parent Child Relationship
We love our kids so much! And in our efforts to show them the best life possible, we often feel an[...]
4 Tips that Teach Kids to Be Kind
Teaching kids to be kind isn’t a simple three-step lesson plan that fits every kid. Teaching kids kindness is messy,[...]
10 Ways To Teach and Connect During Car Time
Do you spend a lot of time driving in the car with your kids? Yep, me too. And on days[...]
47 Best Kids Audio Books and Kids Audio Dramas
Our family has a confession: we love kids audio books. When other moms see our (overflowing) collection, we're often asked,[...]
5 Powerful Strategies for Parenting Teens
Parenting children through the teen years is incredibly tricky. No matter how you slice it. Helping teens transition to becoming well-adjusted[...]
12 Ways to Make Crafts With Kids Stress Free
Making crafts with kids is always a joyful experience, right? A stress-free, lovely exchange of ideas where kids happily share[...]
How to Build Relationships with Your Kids Through Everyday Moments
At first glance you’d think that building family relationships is simply about spending more time together.   While this is[...]
Discovering (and Celebrating) Tiny Miracles
“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”--Ralph Waldo Emerson  It was a small thing,[...]
Love and Peace (or Else): When Kids Argue and Fight
 Dear Lord, we are at a loss. My husband and I don’t know how to get our kids to love[...]