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Easily organize your kids school memories now and for years to come.

My Memory Box:

School Memory Box System

Are you tired of your kids school memorabilia piling up everywhere (because you have no idea what to do with it)?

You know you need to preserve your kids' school memories, but what does that look like for real moms with crazy-busy lives?

Even if you're short on time you can quickly and easily create meaningful school memory boxes for your children!

The My Memory Box system is the perfect solution for busy moms looking to preserve their kids' precious school memorabilia--quickly, easily and on budget.

With My Memory Box, you can keep your kids' precious artwork and school memorabilia from toddler to 12th grade organized (no more crazy piles!) and preserved for years to come in one central place without tons of work, effort (and money!) year after year.

This 26-page printable PDF includes (in four colors):

  • (1) 8.5 x 11” “My Memory Box” Box Label
  • (15) 3.5 x 5” (approx.) Folder Labels, one for each age/grade from toddler to twelfth grade
  • (15) 2.25 x .5” File Folder Tabs, one for each age/grade from toddler to twelfth grade

You'll get a copy of each item in four different colors--orange, purple, blue and green--so you can create a personalized box for each child.

Put a School Memory Box Together in a Matter of Minutes with My Memory Box.

Set up the My Memory Box system once, and simply add school memorabilia through the years. Done and done!

Little by little you'll create a wonderful school memory keepsake for your child that they're treasure for years to come--that basically required no work to create!​

Create a priceless keepsake of your child's school years--easily and painlessly--with My Memory Box.

Set up the system in minutes to create a central location for your child's school memories--year after year.

  • Four colors included in each download
  • Add a personal touch (including a photo and space for handwriting) to each folder
  • Record fun facts about your child at that age (favorite book, activities, friends)
  • Easily store small memorabilia (award ribbons, memory books, oversized photos)

"My son is 20 months and is just starting to 'create' things I would want to keep, and I’ve been at a loss as to how to do it. This is so great!”  — Morgan

My Memory Box was born out of one mom's frustration in trying to preserve her own kids' school memories. Listen to her story here:

Why You'll Love the My Memory Box System

No more crazy paper piles.

No more lost precious memorabilia.

No need to create elaborate scrapbooks.

No more mom guilt about what to do with your kids' school memorabilia.

Instead, you'll be able to create a lasting keepsake of your child's school years--effortlessly.

This simple system is easy to set up and basically runs itself once it’s in place!


One easily organized, central location for ALL your children’s artwork.


The My Memory Box system has one file folder for each child’s school year from toddler to 12th grade.


Papers are organized as they come into your house (no more piles!).


Organize artwork and papers as you go through the school year. No big pile of papers to sort at the end of the year!


No more losing awards, artwork or other special papers.


Put a picture of your child on the front of each year’s file folder (there’s even a space for them to sign their name each year so you can track their signature!).


Record fun facts, such as your child's favorite book, best friend’s name—there's even a place for them to write their signature!


Place your child’s school year photo on the top left of each year’s file folder label (optional).


Create a customized keepsake for your child’s school experience—all in one place!


Just download, print and assemble.


Fun fonts and clean designs give this organizing system a timeless look.


Choose from orange, purple, blue and green. All four colors are included in the download, so you can download a different color for each child!

What Other Moms Say About My Memory Box

Hundreds of moms have downloaded My Memory Box and love how it keeps their kids' school papers organized!

Here's what they say about this amazing system:

"This is a great idea for keeping those priceless treasures from our children. My oldest is 18 and has graduated

from high school. It warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes when I look through the things he made when he was a little one.” -- Renee

"I have enjoyed My Memory Box! I love having one place where I can keep my son's school work. With so many papers that come in, we each pick ones that will make it into the box. I don't feel guilty throwing papers away, because there is special spot for those that make the cut." --Dannea

"My Memory Box has worked so wonderfully to organize my son’s school papers! Thank you!"-- Cara

“I was just looking at all the hoarded crafts and papers brought home by my little one and I was feeling overwhelmed. Since we will have 2 starting preschool in the fall, I definitely want to get organized. I'm planning to let them decorate the outside of their bin with stickers! Thanks for this product!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!” -- Melissa

I love this – wish I had thought of it sooner!” —Emma

“What a great idea! My kids’ school stuff is an epic disaster and currently just chucked onto a Rubbermaid tote. This is such a better way. Thanks for sharing!”—Rebecca

FAQ About My Memory Box

Couldn’t I just create a traditional scrapbook for my kids each year?

I’ve heard that some people have a simple binder with page protectors to store their kids school memorabilia. Why not just do this?

Why not just create a digital scrapbook for my kids memories? Isn’t that fast and easy too?

Ok, so I can see that the My Memory Box system really does make sense! Tell me exactly what the My Memory Box download contains.

Does this purchase include the plastic file box and file folders?

Do I need to purchase one My Memory Box download for each of my kids?

What school grades are included in the My Memory Box system?

What if I have additional questions?

If You're a Parent, You Need My Memory Box

Why put off buying My Memory Box when it will bring organization to your home and it will give you a beautiful keepsake for your child for years to come (with minimal effort from you)?

Get the My Memory Box printable download right now for only $19.99!

Only $19.99 for the PDF Printable

“This is a wonderful idea. I will have to do it for sure for my kids! They will love looking through this when they are older." --Charlene

"I was just thinking yesterday how I need a system for all of my daughter’s artwork. She hasn’t even started school yet and I have a box full. This is perfect!”—Deanna

Get the Proven System to Keep Your Kids School Papers Organized

You don't have to deal with the messy piles of your kids' precious artwork and school papers anymore.

There won't be any more mom guilt about "what to do with all those adorable papers" because​ you'll know exactly what to do with them!

Imagine how incredible it would be to have one central location for all your kids school memorabilia, and to only have to create that system once!

Get organized (and stay that way!) with the My Memory Box system.

Remember: You get four colors of the My Memory Box system in each download!

You only need to buy one download for your entire family! What an amazing deal!

You'll love how easily My Memory Box allows you to keep track of those precious​ moments of your child's life--down to the labels for each folder where you can write their favorite friends, activities, books and even capture their signature!​

And let's not forget how much cheaper it is to create the My Memory Box system as compared to creating traditional or digital scrapbooks (which can't hold all your kids' original artwork and awards anyway)!​​

Create a beautiful school memory box that fits in your busy life and your budget. My Memory Box just makes sense!​

Only $19.99 for the PDF Printable

Why put it off? Start preserving your kids' school memories easily and effortlessly today!