Hold On, Homeschool Mama! An Allegory to Inspire You


A Bumpy Path Emerges

Looking ahead, the flat and even path makes a sharp turn, and we find the grade becoming more steep and far more rocky.


Our kids balk at our “perfect” curriculum.

We deal with unexpected illness that takes everyone down for a week or more.

There are rocks in our path that we must climb. And they’re nothing that we’d planned for. 

And suddenly, we feel that familiar tiredness setting in–that feeling that we thought we’d left behind in the last school year.

And we remember that not every day in homeschooling is easy, and no day is predictable.

Then we discover…


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Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) - May 7, 2016 Reply

I loved this – I felt I was there, twisting and turning with the journey. It can be scary to step away from the path we think we should be taking, but it might be leading us in the wrong direction. x

Thanks so much for sharing at #FridayFrivolity

Mother of 3 - May 7, 2016 Reply

I love this! The photos you have to go along with the post are just beautiful too.

Gwen - May 13, 2016 Reply

This is beautiful! I have taken this trip myself and struggled and ached, (mostly from my heart) and wondered if we would make it. I have also, at last, reached the point of peace you write about, enjoying the victory and suddenly become overwhelmed with gratitude, suddenly so aware of the blessings, opportunity, and love constantly surrounding me. It is not easy being a homeschool Mom. It is, however, the most rewarding position you can hold, if you hold on. Stay the course and stay in prayer. God has got you and so you have got this. One day at a time, girls!

    Alicia Michelle - May 13, 2016 Reply

    Yes, yes, YES!! Love this. We can do this one day at a time, through His grace and direction. Thank you for your encouragement, Gwen!!

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