Faith Posts (Continued)

4 Ways “Acceptance with Joy” Will Change Your Life Today
I look around my house and see stained carpets that really need to be replaced. I look outside and see that my[...]
7 Things I’m Teaching My Daughter About Being a Woman
While every girl is different (and the journey is different for each one), we moms are given a unique call to[...]
10 Ways to Teach Yourself to Live in the Moment (and 8 x 10 Printable Quotes)
How can we enjoy life--and truly live in the moment--when we're in a survival-mode season? As I’ve noticed the stress and[...]
23 Tips for the Powerful Prayer Life You Want (For Busy Moms)
Want to live with purpose and without any regrets? Want a family that is growing and thriving? Want to be the[...]

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What a Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day
Another day of mothering has come to an end. After cleaning up the last meal of the day, tucking the[...]
3 Keys to Easy Scripture Memorization for Kids
I have happy memories of Scripture memorization as a child. Most of the verses I learned at home, one line[...]
4 Tips that Teach Kids to Be Kind
Teaching kids to be kind isn’t a simple three-step lesson plan that fits every kid. Teaching kids kindness is messy,[...]
67 Awesome Random Acts of Kindness for Kids
Are you here to get some awesome and inspiring acts of kindness ideas for kids? Great! Then you're in the[...]



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30 Day Random Acts of Kindness Challenge
We all love random acts of kindness, right? What a blessing when someone does a kind deed for us... and[...]
When Chronic Illness Invades Your Marriage
Today I will walk into the ICU at our local hospital and visit my hero, my beloved husband. For the third day in[...]
6 Tips for Teaching Kids About Current Events
As parents, we're given the amazing privilege of introducing our kids to the world. Now that's a mighty job, especially[...]
Believe It: Why YOU Are God’s Masterpiece
Last week, a long awaited change happened in my heart--something formed from lots of "how-do-I-handle-this?" conversations with God. It was[...]
How to Teach Your Kids to Pray
Prayer is powerful! When we pray, we can literally change the world with our words. What an awesome thing to pass on[...]
38 Bible Verses to Teach Kids Wisdom
There are many, many character traits my husband and I want to teach our kids: to show perseverance; to always practice[...]
The Life Truth That Changes Everything (and I Do Mean Everything)
One day almost twenty years ago, I came face to face with a horrible fact: I wanted to end my[...]
Every Moment Is A Gift (and 6 Small Ways to Intentionally Savor Them)
We said goodbye to our wonderful dog last week, and I’ve been surprised at the levels of grief I’ve been[...]
How to Use Games to Memorize Bible Verses (Plus Music and Crafts!)
Because God’s word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Ps 119:105), putting it to[...]
30 Days of Kindness Week 5 of 5: Kindness Appreciated
Welcome to Week 5 of the Your Vibrant Family 30 Day Random Acts of Kindness Challenge! It's our final week! This[...]