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20 Encouraging Bible Verses About Joy
I don't know about you, but there are many times when I find myself needing Bible verses about joy! Life[...]
5 Ways Your Kids Are Under Spiritual Attack
It's a terrifying thought, but the Bible tells us that we're in a spiritual war (Ephesians 6:12) and our children have[...]
How to Find Joy Through Trials: My Story
Life is hard. Hard. And, friends, it's not getting any easier. This isn't a shock to God. In fact, the Bible talks[...]
How to Raise Godly, Confident Kids (11 Truths)
As Christian parents, we all want to raise confident kids, right? Children who make godly choices when faced with peer pressure. Kids who[...]
When a Loved One Dies Unexpectedly
My grandfather died last June, and my heart still winces at the realization that he’s gone. How I miss his[...]
Simple 5 Step Method for Kids Bible Study (+ Free Bookmark Printable)
Reading the Bible changes my imperfect heart. Time and time again, the pages of scripture bring me peace and purpose, slowly transforming me into[...]
How to Find Hope When You Feel Ashamed
She found herself caught in the act. Guilty. No excuse, no way out of it. They grabbed her hands and dragged[...]
36 Incredibly Fun Ways to Teach Kids That God Is Love
We all want to teach our kids how much they are loved by God, right? Here's the big secret: We[...]
A Love Letter from God (for Those Tough Mothering Days)
Sometimes being a mom is the toughest job around. We give and give and give, and we still can fall short.[...]
5 Steps Toward Real Spiritual Growth
Does growing spiritually seem like a mystery or something reserved for “other people”? You know that there’s got to be something more[...]
8 Ways to Stay Emotionally Replenished in Every Mothering Season
It's no secret that busy moms like us need more rest--times to unwind and de-stress. We're left with only one question: How?[...]

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