Day 9: 10 Candy Cane Activities That Keep Christ in Christmas

10 fun Christmas activities with kids using candy canes! Discover the meaning of the candy cane and how it connects to Jesus. 12 Days of Christmas Teachable Moments series... don't miss it!


This post is Day 9 of Vibrant Homeschooling’s “12 Days of Christmas Teachable Moments” series.

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Like so many other Christmas traditions, the candy cane has a wonderful meaning that points to us to Jesus. Many of you have heard the legend of the candy cane, but for those you haven’t let me share the highlights.

Back in 1670 a choir master in Germany had the idea to give young children a hard candy stick to suck on during the Christmas service in an effort to keep them quiet. Later in 1847 a candy maker in Indiana decided to give the white stick a little “twist”. Legend has it that he wanted the candy to represent Jesus, so he added a few special touches to the candy.

  • The white represents the forgiveness of our sins and our perfect & pure Savior
  • The red symbolizes our precious Jesus’s blood that was shed for us
  • The shape is both a shepherd’s staff (our Good Shepherd) and a “J” for Jesus
  • The peppermint is meant to remind us of the new, fresh life we have in Jesus
  • The hardness of the candy depicts how Christ is the solid Rock of our salvation.

Here’s a little poem that is fun to share:

“Sweet” and simple story to keep us focused on the reason for the season. Now, here are ten fun activities that my family will be doing this year to remind us of Jesus using this beautiful Christmas treat–The Candy Cane.

10 Fun Candy Cane Activities to Give Your Christmas a Twist!

Legend of Candy Cane Book1) Read the The Legend of the Candy Cane:
This beautiful book tells the whole story of the candy cane. This book will be the first book we read and will act as a way of introducing my younger kiddos to the story of the candy cane. It would make a great addition to your Christmas library, too.


2) Candy Cane Cocoa:
Did you know that a small candy cane is the perfect amount of peppermint flavor to add to your hot cocoa? It is! Just add the candy cane to the steamy hot drink and stir for a bit. It will dissolve and leave you with the perfect cup of yum! Just don’t forget to top it off with whipped cream and sprinkles or crushed candy cane!

Candy Candy Decor3) Decorate with Candy Canes:
The easiest way to decorate with candy canes is to hang some on your Christmas tree. However, if you are feeling super crafty, Pinterest is overflowing with candy cane craft ideas.



4) Make Salt Dough Ornaments:
In addition to adding some real candy canes to our tree, we might actually attempt to make salt dough ornaments. The plan is to make extras for friends and neighbors. This fun, crafty site has an easy recipe to use. No time for making and baking ornaments, use modeling clay and paint.

Candy Cane Demo4

5) Visit a Candy Shop:
Logan’s Candies in Ontario, CA has candy cane making demonstrations each year around Christmas. If you don’t live near southern California, don’t have a candy store that makes them, or you just don’t have time to go, you can watch this youtube video on Logan’s Candies.

Make Candy Cane Taffy:
Once you see the candy cane demo, live or online, you might just want to try your hand at making some canes yourself. The best thing about this activity is that you can retell the story of the candy cane as you make them — maybe even read the book again. Here is an easy recipe to make some canes of your own.

Recipe provided courtesy of Taste of Home magazine. Find more great recipes at

7) Make Candy Cane Pretzels:
Something sweet like the candy cane deserves some thing salty to balance it out. Enter the pretzel! The perfect blank canvas for chocolate and candy. Simply take some pretzels sticks, dip them in melted chocolate, and roll them in crushed candy cane. Voila! The perfect tasty treat in less than 5 minutes! Now, if you are really feeling industrious, you can make soft pretzels from scratch. Either activity is sure to bring smiles to your family’s faces (& their tummies).

8) Pick a Pinterest Project:Candy Cane Pintrest
Now we are not a “Pinterest perfect” family by any means. Last time I tried a Pinterest recipe I ended up with a burn on my face. Long story. However, I will allow the kids to each pick one project for us to work on using candy canes. I’m pretty sure they will ALL pick something edible from my Pinterest page.

Candy Cane Outreach9) Candy Cane Outreach:
About three years ago our small group decided to go to a local mall with our families and pass out candy canes. Each candy cane had a mini Candy Cane Legend tied to it. It was a ton of fun. No one can really turn down a cute kid handing them a candy cane. We all had wonderful opportunities to share the story of Jesus through the legend of the candy cane. Another “twist” on this idea is to hand them out in your neighborhood. You can even create a little hot cocoa & candy cane gift to give out with the legend. Your local dollar store probably even has mugs you could stick it all together in. A fun idea for the left-over candy canes you may have.

10) “Happy Birthday Jesus!” Cake:
You can’t have a birthday party without a cake, right? Every Christmas, I make our family’s favorite chocolate mint cake. I decorate it with crushed candy canes around the sides. Then I put a small candy cane on the top as my “J” & use red icing to write the “esus”. Turns out looking very festive and is super delicious! We even decorate the house with green and red streamers and balloons. Just don’t forget to sing Him “Happy Birthday!”

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
John 3:16

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Angie - December 8, 2014 Reply

My daughter loves candy canes! I think they might be her favorite part of Christmas. Thank you for sharing these fun ideas.

    Kristi - December 11, 2014 Reply

    I’m so happy to hear you like the ideas! We love candy canes in our home, too. Hope you have lots of minty fun with your daughter this Christmas.

Lisa Preuett - December 18, 2014 Reply

Enjoyed reading your wonderful ideas to keep Christ in the center of Christmas. I wrote a post about keeping Jesus the center instead of letting commercialism take over our hearts. God bless you!

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Katie (Growing Up KaterTot) - December 7, 2015 Reply

I love the poem and the meaning behind the candy cane. My three year old is obsessed with them, and she’s so excited to get one at the mall when we visit Santa this weekend. Those pretzels look amazing! Might have to make some of those for stocking stuffers! #made4kifs

Michele Morin - December 9, 2015 Reply

Fantastic ideas! Years ago I used the candy cane as a closing object lesson for our Christmas program. Maybe it’s time to do something like that again . . .

    Alicia Michelle - December 9, 2015 Reply

    Yes, I agree! Kids are very familiar with candy canes and candy canes are a great way to teach the deeper truths of Christmas!

Janelle Knutson - December 11, 2015 Reply

I always enjoy sharing the story of the candy cane with my children and how it points us to Christ. And, of course, we all enjoy eating them. Thank you for all the fun activities to go along with the story!

raisinglittlesuperheroes - December 13, 2015 Reply

What fun activities! We definitely need to try making candy cane taffy. That sounds so good! Thank you for sharing at the #Made4Kids Link Party!

sizzlesue15 - December 14, 2015 Reply

I never knew the meaning of the candy cane so thank you for including it in this post. It is such a special time of year and I’m enjoying all the Festive posts. Thank you for linking up and sharing at Over the Moon link up and see you next week.

Jamie - December 17, 2015 Reply

I love these ideas!! It’s always a blessing to give praise to our Lord during this time when many are only focused on things that don’t even matter. Praying you have a blessed CHRISTmas!! 🙂

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