Simple 5 Step Method for Kids Bible Study (+ Free Bookmark Printable)

Reading the Bible changes my imperfect heart. Time and time again, the pages of scripture bring me peace and purpose, slowly transforming me into the woman I really want to be.

And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve also experienced the power of God’s Word too, right?

Oh, how we want to share that life-changing power with our kids!

We want them to learn how to study the Bible from a young age so that they can develop an unshakeable, intimate relationship with God that carries them through all kinds of life’s circumstances.

However, I’ve learned that children (like all of us!) need a bible study method–a systematic way to not only read scripture but to allow God’s word to change a heart.

How can you teach your kids how to not just READ the Bible during personal Bible study time but to UNDERSTAND IT? Here's an easy, 5-step process that my kids and I use to glean deep spiritual truths. Includes a FREE BOOKMARK PRINTABLE CRAFT!

We need a Bible study method that is:

  • easy to understand
  • easy to memorize
  • transferrable to any Bible verse

and most of all…

  • effectively allows us to deeply understand and apply a Bible verse to our current life situations

Friends, I’ve developed a Bible study method that does all of those things… and more!

In fact, the kids and I rarely do “official” Bible studies anymore and just use this method to discover the riches found in scripture!

An added bonus–the study method consists of 5 words that start with the same letter, so it’s really easy for the youngest of kids to memorize!

And can I just add that this inductive study method isn’t just for kids?!

In fact, it’s the standard Bible study method that my husband and I use in our own personal Bible times, and it’s what I use when mentoring and teaching other women!

I’ve even created a free printable bookmark craft (that kids love to make!) with this method’s steps in order to make memorization fast and simple.

Simply click here to get the free bookmark and craft instructions!

But wait… first, let’s share more about what this “5 Letter Method” is.

How does it work? I’m going to give you step-by-step instructions and even give you an example.

You’ll want to use this Bible study method during family devotion time, personal Bible time or even to help friends and family understand and apply scripture in powerful ways!

I can’t wait to share it with you!

Ready? Click “next” and I’ll introduce you to this amazingly simple (and yet powerful!) bible study method!


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