How to Create Your Best Morning Routine Ever

 A few years after becoming a mom, I realized I needed massive help with my morning routine.

Here’s my story… (does this sound like yours?)

I was so tired of feeling like my mornings were pure chaos.

I regularly woke up to the sound of children bickering over a toy (which meant I instantly became a referee); or to a child that needed to be nursed, bathed, fed and played with (you know the drill all too well, mama).

I felt guilty nearly every morning. I loved being a mom and helping my kids… and yet, all of their needs first thing in the morning brought me immense stress.

Finally I realized my big problem: I’d been waking up to a household that was already happening.

Some how, some way, I needed to start my day off ahead of my kids.

The good news? Things have changed since then.

 Ready to wake up refreshed and ready to start the day? Every mom needs these tips to the best morning routine ever! No more waking up to chaos and craziness!

I don’t wake up to chaos anymore. Truly.

I made some small shifts to my morning routine that have made all the difference… shifts that you can make too!

Every mom should feel equipped and ready to start her day off on the right foot!

Let’s help you get your morning routine in order too by asking a few simple questions.

Why Isn’t Your Current Morning Routine Working?

First, what’s the biggest source of your morning chaos? Start by asking yourself what you regularly get most frustrated about.

My biggest issue, I surmised, was that I woke up to helping and serving others without giving myself any prep time for that service.

I didn’t bemoan the fact that my kids needed me to be their mom (with four kids, I’d kind of signed myself up for the job of boo-boo-healer and squabble-solver). I just needed some time—before the kids woke up–to put on the right attitude for motherhood’s challenging call.

What Can You Change About Your Morning Routine to Make It Better?

The kids weren’t into staying in bed until 8:30 or 9 (go figure) so I knew that it was me that needed to change the morning routine.

First, I decided to get up earlier. Much earlier.

I started small. At first, I woke up half an hour earlier than normal. The kids were up when I woke up, but they at least were still somewhat zombie-like and were willing to let me close my bedroom door for a few minutes.

But just even this little bit of time gave me the ability to organize my thoughts and feel semi-human before the day started.

Second, I decided to do something soul-enriching each morning.

Along with the basics (bathroom, shower, washing my face), I began spending 10-15 minutes reading my Bible. Time in God’s word brought clarity and purpose to my day. It also reminded me that, yes, I was more than a mom and wife: I was a daughter of the King with an incredible purpose in this world!

(On the days when I need extra inspiration on what to study, here and here are the Bible devotionals I reach for.)

This time grounded me, and it gave me hope to know that my Savior cared about all my struggles (1 Peter 5:7) and even planned to use them to bless others in the future (2 Corinthians 1:2-7).

Then, a few days a week, a woke up a bit earlier and did some sort of exercise. Often it was simply going through an exercise video like this one (or this one–one of my favorites for Christian yoga) or walking on the treadmill.

But even investing this 15-30 minutes made a huge difference in my attitude. If nothing else, the endorphins that come from working out improved my outlook and made being a mom just a little less difficult.

Third, whenever possible, we take a mini break halfway through the morning during school.

These don’t happen every day, but if I’m feeling the stress start to mount, then I make it a point to step away for a few minutes and refocus myself.

I often have a creative project I’m working on (writing project, scrapbooking project, etc) and if I can step away to work on that for a few minutes it helps my morning flow more smoothly overall.

Aim for Refreshment Not Perfection In Your Morning Routine

We all need something different in the morning to make us feel ready to approach the day. I’ve shared with you my ideas, but truly, see what refreshes you!

Write down some thoughts and just play with some ideas. Dream a little.

Can I make one other suggestion? Instead of jumping on a rigid schedule immediately to help with your morning routine, I suggest that you make tiny shifts toward change and then celebrate each one.

Maybe you start by just waking up a few minutes earlier. Let that change settle in and notice how you feel. Then slowly, over time, add in other things if you feel they would help you have better mornings.

Above all, give yourself grace as you feel through these changes. Real life is just that–real life–and it changes everyday! Kids (or moms!) get sick. Husbands travel and we need to pick up more responsibilities.

We can’t expect ourselves to have the same schedule everyday, but we can aim for some general pillars in our day to keep us grounded.

Challenge yourself to get up before your kids for even one week and notice the difference. Then (once you’ve realized that it is humanly possible), do it for 30 days and make a new habit. It’s a great gift for you (and your kids) this year!

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About Alicia Michelle

As a wife and mom to four passionate kids, Alicia Michelle loves encouraging other moms with practical tips for joy-filled living in everyday life, especially in parenting, marriage, faith and health.Alicia is the owner/editor of Your Vibrant Family; the author of Plan to Be Flexible, The Back to School Survival Manual; and the creator/producer of the "7 Days to a Less Angry Mom Online Video Course,", Christ-Centered Christmas Resources and My Memory Box Organizing System. In addition, she is a monthly contributor for several popular family blogs, including her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Lisa - August 23, 2013 Reply

I know my day goes a whole lot better if I’ve had my own “morning quiet time!” It can be hard to beat my youngest two though. So I got a special clock for my 4 year old that is set for 7:00. He’s not allowed to come out of his bedroom before his bunny clock “wakes up.” Now if I can just convince the baby that he doesn’t have to get up as soon as I do! 🙂

    Alicia - August 23, 2013 Reply

    Ha! Love the bunny clock idea, Lisa! I have one of those kids who has ALWAYS been an early riser, and I think we had something similar for him at that age. 🙂

LD - September 13, 2013 Reply

Thanks, Alicia! Yet another morning of yelling (me) and crying (one kid and me) and feeling guilty (yes, me, again) while trying to get the six kids out the door for school led me to search for help on morning routines. I felt like God was telling me this morning, “YOU are the grown-up here. YOU set the tone for the day.” I do not enjoy getting up and dislike early mornings so I’m always trying to get that last 15 minutes of snooze time in. I was inspired by your advice and hope to have a better heart next week when I try to get up earlier to prepare myself. I’ll be looking for the early-to-bed blog, too!

    Alicia - September 13, 2013 Reply

    Oh, I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough morning. We’ve all been there!! I think it makes all the difference to have that time to yourself in the morning. I for one feel so much more human. 🙂 The great news is that you are determined to make a change… and you have God on your side to help you do just that! I haven’t always been an early riser either but I am a firm believer now. Take small steps (maybe get up 30 minutes earlier?) and commit to doing it for a week, and notice the difference. I enjoy spending that time reading the Bible, praying (and, if I’m able, writing). Find what works for you and reset your routine. Yes, we have to set the tone for the day! 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

Rebecca Spooner - January 6, 2016 Reply

Yes!! This is such an important post for me right now as I’m getting our routine down and creating a checklist for my planner. Thank you!! 🙂

    Alicia Michelle - January 6, 2016 Reply

    Yay! Hi, Rebecca! I’m so glad you found it helpful! Yes, ’tis the season for planners and big goals! Woo hoo!

Susan Raber - January 6, 2016 Reply

I’m a morning person, but this is good advice, especially for night owls (like my daughter) who have to change up their routine to accommodate the needs of the family.

    Alicia Michelle - January 6, 2016 Reply

    Oh, yes. Night owl here too. But I’ve come to really, really love the morning hours. Is it possible to be both a night owl and early riser?! Oh, wait, I’m a mom… isn’t that part of the job?! LOL Seriously though, switching to a morning routine (and doing my best to go to bed at a decent time) has made a big difference in my mothering and sanity, for sure.

Jamie - January 7, 2016 Reply

Great tips!! I think that sometimes you need to change up your routine a bit. Most of us have that certain list of what we have to do, but we shouldn’t be overwhelmed by it. Love your ideas! 🙂

    Alicia Michelle - January 7, 2016 Reply

    Thanks, Jamie! Yes, sometimes just shaking things up a bit makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Thanks for your encouragement and for stopping by!

hannah@seeingthelovely - January 11, 2016 Reply

I love this, Alicia! Having a good morning routine has been one thing that has really helped me this past year. And you’re so right, small steps are the way to go, even just getting up 15 minutes earlier makes a big difference! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty!

    Alicia Michelle - January 11, 2016 Reply

    Hi Hannah! A good morning routine can make all the difference! And the best part about it is that we can make that routine whatever inspires and encourages us! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

Crystal Green - January 12, 2016 Reply

This advice should be given to all mothers before they have their kids. It does honestly make a HUGE difference in how well a morning routine goes. I love waking up with time spent with God too.

Thank you for linking up with the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you again when we open our doors on Friday at 12AM EST.

    Alicia Michelle - January 13, 2016 Reply

    Hi Crystal! Thank you! I agree. Getting into a strong morning routine was one of the best things I ever did for myself as a mom. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Candice - January 18, 2016 Reply

Love this post! I recently revamped my morning routine and it was so worth it.

    Alicia Michelle - January 19, 2016 Reply

    Hi Candice! Thank you! It really can make a big difference when we can find a routine that works for us first thing in the morning. I know when I’m “off” my routine, the rest of the day feels off kilter.

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angie - December 26, 2016 Reply

you have some valid points in this post. I work outside of the home and this makes it hard to have structure as I leave for work and my husband stays home I come home early afternoon. I am going to try to use your tips on my days off
thanks for sharing come see us at

Barrie Bismark - January 4, 2017 Reply

Love this post! I need to change up my morning routine. It is so stressful and I feel like all I do is yell at my kids to hurry up. There has to be a better way.

    Alicia Michelle - January 10, 2017 Reply

    Awesome! I hope you were able to find some new ideas to get you into a healthy morning routine that starts your day off right!

Tiffany - January 8, 2017 Reply

Great post!! I recently made a similar change to help with my morning routine. I was waking up at the same time my kids needed to get started and I always felt ‘pushed’. Once the New Year started I been waking up 30 minutes before them… life changer! Things are so much easier now. Thanks so much for sharing your How To with us at Turn It Up Tuesday! We always love great content…

    Alicia Michelle - January 10, 2017 Reply

    Hi Tiffany! Thank you so much! Yes, getting up before the kids was a HUGE game changer for me too! Such a great way to start off the morning right! I’m so glad you discovered it too! Thanks again for stopping by!

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